EVO CR LED Concrete.

EvoCR LED Pool Lights for Existing Concrete Pools
The EvoCR Series LED Light has been developed for renovators of concrete pools.
The Housing is supplied with a 20mm socket for connection to 20mm rigid PVC conduit. The housing has a narrow diameter of just 60mm and is inserted and sealed into a hole that is core-drilled through the pool wall.

Pool light mounts into the existing Aqua-Star housing.

The EvoCR LED Retro Fit Light is supplied with a factory-sealed light and a Quick Connect Plug Kit.

The plug kit connects to the existing cable and is then connected to the rear of the light by tightening the supplied lock nut.

  • Operated by extremely safe extra low voltage supply (12V AC)
  • Low power consumption, long life-span
  • Easy installation and operation.


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