The WaterWand PRO is the world's first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner. The product works off a standard garden hose and features eight pleat-separating fingers with high-pressure fan nozzles. The product is highly effective at cleaning swimming pool and spa filter cartridges in significantly less time and using less water than traditional means. The ergonomically designed soft-touch hand grip and the on/off trigger valve, make the product well balanced, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate with no splash back onto the user.

The Water-Wand is the world's first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner that saves time and water whilst more effectively cleaning the cartridge filter. Traditionally cartridge filters have been cleaned using a standard garden hose. This is often a long process cleaning only 1 flute at a time, which wastes a lot of water, stretches and warps the pleats, and only the surface gets a good clean, leaving the insides of the pleats dirty and ineffective leading to unnecessary power consumption over a long period of time and requiring more frequent cleaning and wasted water.

Intelligence Cartridge Filter Cleaner

  • The Water-Wand fingers open the pleats, allowing the high-pressure ‚Äòfan blade' water streams to thoroughly flush and clean 8 pleats at a time.
  • The inline valve and trigger is intuitive and easy to use, helping to save water when the Water-Wand is not in use.
  • The rotating hose connector ensures ease of use and prevents the Water-Wand from twisting up with the garden hose.

With 8 high-pressure 180-degree fan nozzles to flush and clean pleats, the Water-Wand is much quicker than the traditional means and uses significantly less water.

The Water-Wand is the first product of its kind globally for the intended market of cartridge filter cleaners. The product has a patent-pending.

Appropriateness / need:
In a time-conscious society where every minute counts, the Water-Wand gives you back that extra time. In an arid country like Australia where water is a precious commodity, the use of water-saving cartridge filters is becoming common place, and as such it is essential to provide a method of cleaning them that is also water efficient. Thorough cleaning of filter cartridges with the Water-Wand results in less power drain by pumps for the duration of the filtration cycle, each and every year.

The Water-Wand PRO has been designed and made to withstand the outdoor environment it is used in. It is made from a mixture of UV stabilised ABS and TPE plastics. The product utilises a minimal amount of simple moving parts.

Environmental Considerations:
The Water-Wand conserves water and uses significantly less compared to the traditional means of cartridge filter cleaning.

Ergonomics / Semantics:
Designed with the user in mind, the form incorporates a soft textured hand-grip. A swivel between the hand-grip and the outlet means that it can be used with minimal stress on the wrist. When filled with water, the product becomes nicely balanced whilst remaining lightweight. The angle, front face and fingers all help to prevent any splash back onto the user.

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